Call for Abstracts


Extended Deadline for abstract submission: Wednesday, 20 May 2020

How to submit your abstract:

  • Please submit your abstract by adding your abstract as docx file (please download template below) and filling in the form giving in the online system.
  • During abstract submission, you will be asked whether your contribution is thought as a talk or a poster abstract and to which session it belongs to.
  • Remember to mention the affiliations and co writers in the abstract file.
  • The maximum length of the abstract body text is max. 1 page including the list of authors, affiliations and references.
  • Tables or figures will not be accepted.
  • Please submit only docx-files using this Template.
  • Please note: abstract submission and online registration are two different procedures. Our online registration can be found here.


Submit yourabstract now!


Thanks to the great engagement of our JESIUM 2020 sponsors and exhibitors!



Please note the following additional information concerning data protection: At our events you will be asked to wear a name badge. Furthermore, at events organised by us photos might be taken or films shot, members of the press might attend, lectures might be transferred via Skype, there might also be video conferences or live streamings with or without recording. Upon request we will gladly provide you with more details, or ask us on-site during the event.